Evidence of Sex Work

This picture portrays that prostitution is rampant in Hillbrow. It is not healthy to have condoms on the street because kids might pick them up and use them like balloons. On the other hand it shows that people are using condoms as a way of protection on sexual diseases. More »

Sunday morning

A mother leaves church on Sunday with her three young children. The church gathers in the basement of a building on the corner of Polly and President streets in Downtown Johannesburg. The building is shared by the church and sex workers. More »

The Dorchester

This hotel reminds me of the day that I slep with someone and was used the whole night. The guy slept with me and promised to pay in the morning but never paid me. He just disappeared. More »

Skills training

The Hugh Solomon building is where sex workers get help in the form of skills training. They are encouraged to leave sex work and find other professions. More »

Sex workers demand rights not rescue

I took this photo as I feel that most sex workers are being discriminated against and some people want to feel ashamed as if sex work is out of this world. More »

Place of Business

Royal Park, on Nugget Street, is one the places sex workers are still allowed to do their business. More »

Stop women abuse

I chose to recreate this scene of when I was beaten up and raped in 1998 as a way of trying to highlight the abuses that sex workers go through. More »

Another place of business

This is an old building on Nugget Street were most of the prostitutes used to their business. More »